There were several development ideas and initiative’s ongoing around procurement at Tana. When I joined the company and took over the responsibility of procurement I was a bit unsure about the priorization of the development topics in order to ensure the optimum outcome in terms of resources and financial impact.

I presented the challenge to Heikki Kivijärvi at Silex Management who proposed an audit in the field of procurement i.e. ”order-ti-delivery” -process. This audit also included discussions with top management as well as with operational personnel in order to get a clear overall understanding of the current as-is procedures and personnel capabilities. Targeted outcome was a prioritized action list of topics including possible personnel training needs.

Everything went very fast and smooth with Silex. Within a month from the first meeting we had results in our hands and the summary was delivered. During this time the auditor was provided all requested backround information, resources were made ready for the audit, two days audit was executed and the results were analyzed. Based on the audit executed by Silex Management, I received a very clear and prioritized list of topics i.e. “must wins” which are vital in enabling us to reach our targets. Now we will proceed in implementing the identified tasks in a prioritized order.

Tasks incl. audit were done professionally, fast and smooth. The outcome was exactly as I expected. Also all our people participated in the audit were very satisfied on Heikki’s expertise and ability to adapt into our business environment in such a short time. Additionally the audit encouraged our personnel to implement identified and proposed changes across the organization. I can sincerely recommend Silex Management in this kind of business development initiatives”

Seppo Koiranen  Vice President, Supply and R&D, Tana Oy